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Explanation of program according to first Newsletter sent to members


« FIRST ROCK is an introductory curling program for schools. It was designed to allow children to discover curling for the first time. As part of this innovative program, children will first participate in an initiation to curling session at their school and will then be invited to take part in an open house activity at their local curling club. This learning session is geared towards elementary school children aged 6 to 12 years old. The main objective is to promote curling in schools and to introduce new junior members to our sport in a fun and educational manner. FIRST ROCK is designed for the recreational sector and trained instructors will be on site at all times to support and to supervise the participants. »


You can learn more about this program by visiting Curling Quebec's website.


Of course, this good news represents a great platform for our Club to make itself known even better with Curling Québec, but also to shine in our community, further popularize our sport, and thus ensure a strong succession.




First of all, I would like to express my thanks to the principals of the three main schools we contacted, who agreed to be actively involved in our project: L’Académie du Sacré-coeur of the Hauts-Bois-De-L'Outaouais School Service Centre, the Woodland School of CS Western Quebec and the Kikinamadinan School of Kitigan Zibi. In all, about 450 young people will be part of the program for 2022-2023.

A special thank you to the main collaborators, all members of the CCVG, who are;

  • Dominic Gauthier, physical education teacher at L’Académie Sacré-Coeur, who will act as coordinator of the program;
  • Meghan McLellan, teacher at Woodland School, who will be accompanied by a few other teachers from the school, who are also members of the Club;
  • Ted Decontie of Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, who will work in collaboration with Jan Côté, a physical education teacher at Kikinamadinan School;



You will have understood that such a project is not realized without the contribution of many volunteers who will be able to act as instructors, when young people come to visit our facilities and try the sport they have already tamed in the gym. Their first initiation will be made through the acquisition of interior stones and the teaching of instructors assigned to the "school component". In the on-ice initiation component, only one visit per young person is planned to the Club as part of the program. Subsequently, for those most interested, the Club will be able to welcome them during eight (8) annual sessions of the Blizzard program. Teaching is framed around well-documented lessons, allowing you to learn all the basic aspects of sport.

Today, the message is therefore at the same time a "call to all" to fill our list of volunteers. Retirees will be offered for the “First rock” program, which is expected to be held one or two mornings a week. Others, depending on their availability, could be assigned to the Blizzard program which requires eight (8) Saturday mornings per season.

I invite you to offer a collaboration by contacting Lucie Nault, coordinator of the Blizzard program since its creation in 2018-2019. His email address is: [email protected]


Curling Quebec works in collaboration with "Placements Sports et loisirs" for the financial component of the program. Every $100 donated will be converted into a $490 donation to the "First Stone" program. When our first message was published on March 22, we invited you to make a donation to ensure the launch of the program, which needs to raise $60,000 to start the program. Each of the 12 Clubs, spread across 12 different administrative regions, will receive $5,000. You can make your donation online, by attaching the address: https://www.jedonneenligne.org/sportsquebec/PLSPLCUR/

By going through the Curling Quebec website, you will get the same “https” link:

The donation will be automatically applied to the "First Stone" program, even if it is not clearly specified in the " Placements Sports et loisirs " page.

Please note that a tax receipt will be issued for donations of $25 or more.

Following this good news, on my own behalf and that of the members of the Board, I wish you a good summer!